Internship / Stage Program

Interns are an important part of my team. Unfortunately, due to limitations in studio space and logistical reasons, I can only have one at once.

Before you apply, please take some time to review the list below. These are the kinds of tasks that  I usually need interns to do. If you are not interested in performing these kinds of tasks, that’s cool, this just isn’t the right internship for you. No need to apply.

Also, please note that this internship is unpaid. However I take pride in working closely with interns and teaching them as much as possible- going so far as to get together with the interns once a week to answer all of their career and photography questions. 


Interns are expected to setup and breakdown the equipment at the beginning and end of each shoot day while keeping the equipment closet organized.


Interns are often asked to assist with prop styling. This includes prop pickup and return, painting props, prop shopping with a prop stylist, putting the props away, mailing props, searching for props, etc.


Interns take on the role of production assistant on photo shoot days. This means your are responsible for making coffee, running errands, taking lunch orders, helping clients connect to the wifi, etc.


Interns help keep the studio running smoothly. I will assign the least clerical work possible, but I still think you will benefit from doing so, it is an integral part of running a photography business after all.


Interns are sometimes asked to help brainstorm ideas and you might be also be in charge of putting together mood-boards for shoots. I feed off the creative energy around me, I love being challenged by creative people.

Compensation-Bonus-Echange de bons procedés-parlezvousfrançais?

I value your work, and the effort and dedication that goes around it. And while I can't guarantee a financial compensation, I can offer studio time, and a 2nd assistant fee when budget permits. 

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