The Portrait Experience

Let's Face It

If the last decade has taught us one thing,there’s nothing more valuable than your personal brand; the advent of socialmedia and more recently, covid-19, have proven to us that a strong personalonline presence is the new business card and resume. Your personal brand isonly as strong as the way you portray yourself to your audience. Your audiencefollows you because they love to see your work, but more importantly, they admireyou. Personal photos bring in higher engagement on platforms than any otherkind of content, now is the time to invest in your personal image.

I believe that photography is as much about the experience as it is about the final product, a positive experience will shine through your photos because let’s face it, the camera doesn’t lie and there’s only so much Photoshop can do to turn that frown upside down. 


Ioffer both headshot and portrait sessions and am often asked what thedifference is between them. Headshots are simply taken from the chest area upand portrait sessions can be from head to toe and anything in between. Becauseheadshots are up close and personal, I have purpose-built a variety of lightingsetups for different moods and face types. Portrait sessions are where I likegetting creative using creative lighting and props to tell your story. Theportrait sessions always include headshots as well, so keep that in mind whenchoosing what's best for you.

The Experience

Upongetting in touch, we discuss the desired result, use of the images, bouncearound some ideas and examples regarding mood and style, this will allow me tocreate a custom set and custom lighting to suit your unique look.  

Although Portraitsessions mainly take place in my bright and airy studio in the St-HenriNeighborhood, a beautiful 100+ year old garment factory converted into artisticand creative office space, I am happy to travel should you need my services elsewhere. Feelfree inquire with any questions, and we'll get you set up with a session that'sperfect for you

Once youarrive at my studio, you’ll be greeted by my team and I, and we’ll start by choosingsome outfits that best match our vision. Once that’s done, you’ll get pamperedby a professional hair and makeup artist (optional, but highly recommended), takea couple of test shots, last minute lighting adjustments, and off we go!

Wewill be capturing and discussing the images as we go. Inspecting theshots in this way helps us to determine their viability for usein representing your personal brand. In doing so, we will be able toadjust the focus of the session to account for anything we feel you couldadditionally benefit from along the way.

Portraitsessions can vary between 45 minutes to a full day depending on the variety, complexityand number of images needed. I work particularly well under pressure.

Once oursession is complete, you’ll receive a gallery of the best images to chose from.All images are retouched by professional commercial retoucher (Aldo, Birks,Kanuk etc..) according to your comfort level.


My corporate sessions are designed for groups ofpeople that need a consistent look and feel for their brand. Although myclientele often comes to my St-Henri studio, I am just as happy to setup at alocation of your choice as well.  Many companies also have an ongoingrelationship with me that allows their new team members the flexibility ofdropping by the studio at their convenience.

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